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 Most of the work included in this show is 2D with one large relief piece called "God Loves an Unmade Bed." This piece was shown at the Faculty show at Idyllwild Arts in September  of 2013 without the gold leaf patina, and then it had a different, more restrained connotation. Now it is a commentary on the power of religion to subvert and institutionalize devotion, and stultify our "imperfections" I also have to admit that I am drawn to religious iconography. So to summarize: ambiguity embedded in this piece. 

 Also in the show there is a drawing and a painting of a crashed car. These are visual records of the car that my two daughteres were driving when they lost control and rolled it up a bank on the side of the road. They were lucky to survive, and each piece is accompanied by their heartfelt recollections of the event.

 A large oil stick drawing of a house depicts the building in which I was raised as a child. The house's name was "St. Francis" which is ironic since this was such an unhappy place. I drew the skeleton of the house in darkness  because I wanted to remember it instinctively.

 A large drawing of 120,000 small figures has been ongoing for the past eighteen months and will be continued when the show is finished. This was a difficult process initially that became easier as I surrendered to the process. Surrender is not passive but still involves decisions, adjustments, however there is an overarching faith in the power of the images to self-create. 

 Connected to this drawing is a tranfer drawing of all the students in my highschool. The drawing is a journey of remembering-I pulled the students in to focus as I drew them, and those I couldn't, I left.


Saturday, January 25, 2014 - 18:00 to Monday, June 30, 2014 - 18:00
DCSA Gallery Space, 71-777 San Jacinto Drive, Suite 294 Rancho Mirage, CA 92270